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ItWorks is a company that focuses on preventative health, wellness, and weight loss for our customers and fun, friendship, and freedom as distributors! Our number one product, the It Works wrap, helps to tone, tighten, and firm your trouble spot…wherever that may be! It is NOT water weight, but is really just good nutrition for the skin. It is super simple to do at home with the biggest rules being putting the wrap on clean skin, drinking a bunch of water, and keeping it on for 45+ minutes. That is it! MOST people see results in that first wrap, but 99% of people see results in a full treatment, of four wraps. One wrap is a treat and four wraps is a treatment!

What else sets us apart?

*First to market product that you can’t get anywhere else. Walmart is NOT your competition.

*You can market to anyone over 18 years oldwith a health goal!

*Our compensation plan is based on TEAMWORK. You cannot succeed without plugging into the team systems. We work together!

*All orders go through your online business portal. You do not become a shipping center and you do not have a closet full of products.

*We are FUN!

This isn’t a get rich quick type of thing, and if that is what you are looking for It Works is not for you. What we ARE is a company with a big heart, big dreams, awesome products, and a compensation plan that is second to none. It Works WORKS….. if you do!

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