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It Works and pregnancy…. goes together!

36 weeks and counting! This is my second pregnancy during my It Works “career” and all I can say is, thank goodness for It Works! This feeling is twofold.

My top 3 pregnancy related products!

1). Stretchmark Cream: 36 lbs with my first pregnancy, nearly all belly. No stretchmarks! 2 days before birth:)

No stretchmarks. 36lbs gained. 2 days before birth day!
No stretchmarks. 36lbs gained. 2 days before birth day!

2). Lip and eye cream! In this lovely time where you get little sleep, up multiple times a night, and feeling more than a tad crabby, the lip and eye cream has been amazing. Although, only a nice cup of coffee will help with me not FEELING tired, at least I don’t look so exhausted!

Eye on left, approx. 4 minutes after application.
Eye on left, approx. 4 minutes after application.

3) Protein Shakes.  Snacking is a part of my everyday life, but even more so during pregnancies.  The hard part is finding relatively healthy snacks that will satisfy your cravings and tummy rumblings. The It Works protein shakes come in both vanilla and chocolate, are non GMO, have no fake sugars, and are low on the glycemic index. Best of all, they don’t taste chalky! There are so many different combos of flavors that you can make. It never gets boring and you can tailor it to your mood/cravings that day.

One of the delicious variations to try out!
One of the delicious variations to try out!


My top 3 reasons I love this “job” during pregnancy.

1). Nap times. As anyone who has ever been pregnant knows, nap times can be a glorious thing during the beginning and the end of your pregnancy. Did you know growing a baby is exhausting! Whether it is just one of those days or you slept horribly the night before. Having an OPTION to take a short nap (or 3 hours) is really really nice!

2). Workouts! Fitting in a workout in a normal life can be challenging enough. Add in the feelings of being large, uncoordinated and the reduction in activities you can actually perform working out during pregnancy just gets harder and harder.  I feel so blessed that I have the choice nearly every day to fit this into my schedule. Whether it is a long walk with my son, a run around the neighborhood, or a quick trip to the gym to get on the elliptical I have the ability to fit it in by owning my own time and not being a slave to the clock.

Running, walking, biking.... staying fit!
Running, walking, biking…. staying fit!

3). Quality time with my son 🙂

As the clock ticks down on the time that we have an only child, I am sure every mom starts to get a little sad.  Will you love the second as much as the first? Will second child take up to much time/energy to keep the first one feeling special? Will I ever be able to leave the house and get somewhere on time again?! Those are a few of the scary and anxious feelings of having a second child.  So as the day of a family of 4 gets closer and closer, I hug my little man more than normal, let him run around a little more than normal, and don’t get annoyed when he cries for me at 2am.  You can never get back the time lost and I am grateful for all the time I have with him.

Cherishing the moments as an only child.
Cherishing the moments as an only child.


2 months and a bonus!

I know. I know. It sounds crazy, but I promise you it can happen. You can make $1,000 in only 2 months of this It Works business? Yep! Let me share with you HOW.

As a new It Works teammate, we give you the tools. We show you the ropes. We assist you with the verbiage. We help you get your business launched.  It is your job to find 3 people (yes, only 3!!) that want to do the business with us! Then, we do the same for them. We give them the tools, we show them the ropes, we assist with the verbiage, and we help get their business launched.  Yes, it is pretty much that simple.

If you are able to reach the Ruby position in It Works within your first 2 calendar months, you are eligible for this $500 bonus. On top of your commission check! The average ruby makes $500-$600/month just in commissions. Including the bonus, that would mean $1,000 in your business within 2months of starting.

If you have ever opened up a business before, you know that operating in the POSITIVES in the first 2 months is almost unheard of.  I am not saying it is easy or that it will fall into your lap, BUT 100% doable!

Intrigued? Call me at 248-225-3770 to discuss how It Works can work for you too!