May I WOW you?


Laugh lines….. so sweet and innocent sounding, isn’t it? Well, regardless of all the fond memories that contributed to those lines, NOBODY wants them!

Crow’s feet? Eek, that sounds worse then the laugh lines, but nobody wants them either!

Cue….. WOW. Wipe Out Wrinkles. It is pretty crazy and I am sure I wouldn’t have believed either, if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. The new It Works WOW literally wipes out wrinkles in 90 seconds. It comes in a teeny tiny packet with just a teeny tiny amount of gel in it. Place a little bit on your finger and dab on your trouble areas. Note, make sure your skin is well moisturized beforehand. For even better and more long lasting results, couple WOW with the It Works Lip and Eye cream. ┬áThe combo of the two will give you immediate results with a long lasting impact.

Interested in what actually makes this work? You can check out the prouct specifics and ingredient list here. Like all of It Works products, you may choose to purchase the It Works WOW a a loyal customer price ($46) or the retail price ($77).

You won’t be able to help yourself from saying WOW, It Works!



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