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Thank you for your interest in It Works! I have been involved with It Works since April 2012. I was first introduced to the products years before as a customer, and I NEVER thought that I would make the conversion to a distributor. I am not salesy, I am not extremely outgoing, I didn’t think I had much business sense, and I was very nervous about not being successful. My life was comfortable, happy, and secure. Needless to say, I didn’t think that I would ever start a business like this and I certainly didn’t think I would like it.

Fast forward to now… I am a work from home mom and bringing in 6 figure income while making friends, bringing hope, traveling, and having fun.  Was it easy? No. Did it fall into my lap? Absolutely not. Has it been worth it? Definitely!!

There are a lot of great things about It Works, but what I like best is that you can make what you want out of it. You can have It Works be an extra source of income to provide a Christmas for your kids. You can, for the first time, pay cash for a new car. You can retire your husband from his hard 60 hour a week job that has no bright light. No matter what your goal, who you are, or what your strengths are… It Works DOES work, and it can work for you too!

Let’s get you started, and I can connect you to all this team has to offer!

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