Ice cream or Greens?! The struggle is real…


Greens Chews

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A bowl of ice cream or some Greens Chews? That is the debate I play over and over in my head every night.  This isn’t just a boring old vanilla ice cream either. It is a Sea Salt Carmel Truffle that I bought in a time of weakness. Of course, I WANT the bowl of ice cream because it is delicious, but let me tell you why I choose the Chews.

1). It tastes like a wild berry starburst (yep, like candy!)

2). I can eat 6 of them and still only have 90 calories and 9g of sugar. My serving of ice cream (if I really only eat a serving) has 140 calories and 18g of sugar.

3). The Greens Chews are full of 50 different fruits and vegetables that include everything from apple and banana to kale and cauliflower.  Whereas, my ice cream has high fructose corn syrup and the second ingredient is sugar.

4). My Chews contain PREBIOTICS (creating a good environment for healthy bacteria in your GI tract), the antioxidant strength of 20 cartons of blueberries, and promote heart health with the help of pterostilbene.  The ice cream DOES make me temporarily happy because of its deliciousness, which is immediately followed by guilt.

After staring into the freezer for a few minutes and weighing my options, I make my choice. Some days the greens win and honestly, sometimes the ice cream wins. As long as I have more Greens Chews days then Ice cream days…. I say I win.

Testimony from one of my friends: “I have struggled with borderline high blood pressure for the past few years. Last summer, I started taking the Greens Chews daily, mostly because they are absolutely delicious and a great after work snack. When I went for my yearly physical, my doctor was impressed that my blood pressure was normal and not borderline. The Chews are the only change I had really been consistent about. Love this product so much and take them daily!”- Kris Taylor


Greens Chews are $30 for 60 chews.  You can find the ingredient list here or to order yours today press this.



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