Gift giving ideas!

Ahhh really?! Christmas ALREADY?! Yep, folks, it is here again! Gift giving season! So instead of struggling through your Christmas list and wandering the isles of Target looking for the “perfect” gift to jump out at you. It is not going to happen! Trust me, I have done it!

Instead of the desperate wandering and internet searching, give the gift of health.  It is the most priceless and meaningful gift that we can give. Besides it showing that you love the recipient and want them to live a healthy life, it is also NOT something that is going to clutter up their already crowded shelves, floor, or closets. Your friends will, at the very least, thank you for that!

It Works has bundled up a few of our most popular products and given some amazing discounts on them.  Give them a shot…. your health, your wallet, and your friends will thank you 🙂

1).Merry Clean and Bright

  • Cleanser, Exfoliating Peel, and Facial wrap
  • $89 for loyal customers/ $150 retail

2).Yule Tighten Greetings

  • Box of wraps, defining gel, and fab wrap
  • $79 for loyal customers/$132 retail

3). Essential Oils Gift Pack

  • 4 essential oil blends and diffuser
  • $89 for loyal customers/$149 retail

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