Fat Fighters to the rescue!?

Cactus leaf as part of your diet?  Don’t worry, it is perfectly safe and I actually recommend it!

Let me tell you WHY this stuff needs to lie in your purse!  NeOputnia is derived from the prickley pear cactus, and is the most powerful, kosher, and vegetarian fat-binding ingredient available!

NeOputnia can decrease fatty acid absorption by more then 28% compared to placebo (neoputnia.com). It can also help to regulate blood sugar levels which reduces blood sugar spikes.

Okay, so the cactus can help take care of the extra fats in your diet, but what about those carbs?! Luckily, our fat fighter is also packed with a white kidney bean extract. This kidney bean can actually paralyze the process that your body doe that turns the carbs into simple sugars.

So, now that we are blocking some of the carbs and fats that you eat.. you may expect that you are going to have to bee line it to the nearest bathroom or risk a public display of embarrassment! Luckily, our Fat Fighters are white pant and office party approved.

No running to the bathroom. No GI discomfort.  This bottle lives in my purse.

Check out here how it works!