Cancer sucks!


I am no medical expert. I will never claim to be. I am, however, a mom, a wife, and an advocate for healthy and positive living. I get irritated with the insane rate of cancer these days and even more irritated by the insane rate of childhood cancers. It isn’t fair. It isn’t right. There has got to be a better answer then what the medical world is giving us. Chemo? Radiation?  Are those really the best options?

So what is the cause? Why are so many more people getting cancer?! According to the World Health Organization ( cancer rates are expected to rise by 70%!! Ummm what?!  In a world full of medical and technological advances, how is that possible? Even more disturbing is the fact that so many cancers can be combated with lifestyle and behavioral choices. The World Health Organization also states that 1/3 of cancer deaths are due to obesity, lack of fresh foods, low activity level, and alcohol and tobacco use.  In a world where we have access to research, facts, and piles of information how is this still happening? Why are GMO’s and processed foods still a part of our everyday lifestyle.

Just this past week, the FDA approved the sale of GMO apples and potatoes. What is the draw of these products? They don’t brown and the hope is to make cut up potatoes “as prolific as bagged carrots”. The CBS News article even quotes the company’s founder, Neal Carter, saying, “We know that in a convenience-driven world, a whole apple is too big of a commitment.” ( A full apple is a commitment? Why are we so lazy these days?

So what can the lay person do to help decrease their cancer odds? Simple. Eat well, workout, and breathe in fresh air. It is quite amazing what being outside can do to your mental health and what even a simple workout can do to your psyche.  Do people normally feel bloated, lazy, and depressed after eating a salad of fresh vegetables? No, not really.  What I do? I take my It Works greens which give me my 8 servings of fruits and vegetables, 38 superfoods, a metabolism booster, energy booster, immune system booster, and helps alkaline your body. I consider them my cancer fighting supplement. Although a tad controversial, the alkaline diet has really taken the medical world by storm, with many patients claiming it has ridden cancer from their body. Regardless, I know putting good things in my body, staying active, and making the decision for happiness… I am doing my part in staying cancer free.