2 months and a bonus!

I know. I know. It sounds crazy, but I promise you it can happen. You can make $1,000 in only 2 months of this It Works business? Yep! Let me share with you HOW.

As a new It Works teammate, we give you the tools. We show you the ropes. We assist you with the verbiage. We help you get your business launched.  It is your job to find 3 people (yes, only 3!!) that want to do the business with us! Then, we do the same for them. We give them the tools, we show them the ropes, we assist with the verbiage, and we help get their business launched.  Yes, it is pretty much that simple.

If you are able to reach the Ruby position in It Works within your first 2 calendar months, you are eligible for this $500 bonus. On top of your commission check! The average ruby makes $500-$600/month just in commissions. Including the bonus, that would mean $1,000 in your business within 2months of starting.

If you have ever opened up a business before, you know that operating in the POSITIVES in the first 2 months is almost unheard of.  I am not saying it is easy or that it will fall into your lap, BUT 100% doable!

Intrigued? Call me at 248-225-3770 to discuss how It Works can work for you too!



How to use the It Works body wrap

The It Works wrap helps to tone, tighten and firm up the skin. This is NOT a weight loss product, but can help get rid of those stubborn trouble areas, even if you don’t see a difference on the scale.

Let me show you just how easy it is to use!  You can wrap in the convenience of your own home with no mess, no mix, and no fuss. Just put it on and drink lots of water!  www.maintainyourwellness.com

If you FAIL to plan, you PLAN to fail.

Welcome to the new year!
Welcome to the new year!

I am not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions. I also am not a fan of diets, or the “I am going to get back to the gym Monday” mentality.  I would think that if you were serious about whatever goal you set for yourself, you wouldn’t have to wait for a magic date or start an unrealistic long term diet. What do you do with this diet once you lost the weight?

I am a fan, however, of taking stock of your life, figuring out what you want to change and coming up with a plan.  The beginning of the New Year is a perfect time to do this!

4 steps to a better year:

  1. Write down what you enjoyed this year. What habits and actions do you want to repeat?
  2. Write down what were you least favorite parts of the year? What feelings, situations, or activities did not align with your goals, morals, or ideals?
  3. Make a list of any NEW things you want to add to your life. Realistic, sustainable goals for yourself and your family.
  4. Now get out your calendar. Take a look at number 1 and 2. Where do these things fit into your calendar and your life? Write them down! Make it official. It is okay to schedule your workouts,  “me” time, your coffee dates, etc.  In order to make that list in number 3 come true, there has to be a plan. Time carved out of your week. Action steps to get you there.

No goals happen by chance. Nothing BIG will ever just fall into your lap. We must plan and prepare for all that we want out of this life. Nobody else will take our wants and dreams and seriously as we take our own. So don’t waste time. Don’t let another year slide by without really sitting down and figuring out what it is that you need and want out of life.