2 months and a bonus!

I know. I know. It sounds crazy, but I promise you it can happen. You can make $1,000 in only 2 months of this It Works business? Yep! Let me share with you HOW.

As a new It Works teammate, we give you the tools. We show you the ropes. We assist you with the verbiage. We help you get your business launched.  It is your job to find 3 people (yes, only 3!!) that want to do the business with us! Then, we do the same for them. We give them the tools, we show them the ropes, we assist with the verbiage, and we help get their business launched.  Yes, it is pretty much that simple.

If you are able to reach the Ruby position in It Works within your first 2 calendar months, you are eligible for this $500 bonus. On top of your commission check! The average ruby makes $500-$600/month just in commissions. Including the bonus, that would mean $1,000 in your business within 2months of starting.

If you have ever opened up a business before, you know that operating in the POSITIVES in the first 2 months is almost unheard of.  I am not saying it is easy or that it will fall into your lap, BUT 100% doable!

Intrigued? Call me at 248-225-3770 to discuss how It Works can work for you too!



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